are you a looser?

Games are a great way for new listeners to get to know radio personalities. There are a ton of examples on Insiders, including The Biggest Loser Game. No, it’s not a weight loss bit.

It’s a fun game that helps define character and shows that you can laugh at yourself-and others.This is not a game for solo shows. In fact, you really need at least three to play this on the air, and it’s hard to play with listeners.

But for multi-cast shows, it’s a lot of fun. As with many group games adapted for the air, this has the potential to become totally inside. Don’t let it become a self-absorbed IMEWEUS moment.

Remember: If you choose to play this game, the fun happens with stories that come from  the game. It’s not the questions or the competition.

How to Play The Biggest Loser Game

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