Christmas is about giving and spreading joy. Most of your listeners would love to be a part of that, as long as it’s easy and someone guides them through it. That’s what 12 Days of Kindness can do.

This article explains the 12 Days of Kindness. Including:

  • How to execute the campaign effectively.
  • Getting the most value from the promotion.
  • An act of kindness for every day, ready to use in your campaign.

12 Days Of Kindness

This campaign ticks all the boxes for a great promotion including:

  • Create personality-based on-air content.
  • Inspire listeners to be involved and participate.
  • Be easy to talk about and spread through a community.
  • Be simple and easy to execute.
  • Include opportunities for sponsors.

12 Days of Kindness borrows from the Christmas song 12 Days Of Christmas. Here’s how to execute it.

How To Do It

Here’s how it works:

  • A personality asks listeners to perform one act of kindness each day for 12 days leading up to Christmas.
  • Each day, feature the act online, on-air, in daily emails, and via social media.
  • Take calls from listeners about what they’re doing today to participate.
  • Start a website of activities and responses from listeners.
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That’s it! It’s simple. And it’s highly effective.


Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Cost-effective. Other than resources to manage the campaign, there’s virtually no cost involved.
  • Image-building. For personalities in Stage 4 (Like) or Stage 5 (Love) in the Personality Success Path, this campaign adds goodwill and heart.
  • Audio. Stories from listeners spreading joy add to the holiday spirit and sounds great on-air.

12 Acts Of Kindness

Here are 12 ideas for acts of kindness. Use these, or come up with your own. Each of these is easy to perform.

Day 1: Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while. Even a quick connection can brighten someone’s day.

Day 2: Do a chore for someone. Wash the dishes when it isn’t your “night,” offer to pick up groceries for a neighbor, etc.

Day 3: Leave a thank-you note for a postal worker or delivery service employee. They’ve worked hard this year and deserve our gratitude.

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Day 4: Make a gift for someone. Use your talent to handcraft a keepsake.

Day 5: Feed the birds. It’s getting colder and food is getting more scarce (not all birds fly south!). Sprinkle seed outside or, better yet, fill a feeder!

Day 6: Give to an animal shelter. Many can use cash donations or basic supplies to make sure our furry friends have a healthy holiday.

Day 7: Thank a veteran. Say thanks by acknowledging the sacrifices made by all our veterans.

Day 8: Make dinner for a neighbor, family member, or someone in need.

Day 9: Give someone a compliment. A little unexpected praise can make a big difference.

Day 10: Shop local. Many have online stores that make it as easy to shop as from certain big-name sites!

Day 11: Donate to a food bank. They are stretched thin this time of year—even more so in 2020.

Day 12: Do something nice for yourself. A part of being there for others is taking care of yourself.

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The 12 Days of Kindness is a terrific promotion that fits every station’s budget. It works perfectly as a three-week campaign leading up to December 25.