Mining your life for stories is a great exercise to come up with unique personal stories.  And with a little creativity, the team will have dozens of original Halloween ideas in no time. Here’s how to do it.

How To Brainstorm Original Halloween Ideas

Set up a session to find those Halloween stories now to create topical content.  If you find even a couple of great stories from this exercise, it’s worth it.

Share the answers among the team to brainstorm how to curate the ideas into content. Some of the ideas may turn into a game, topic, or just personal stories.

As in all content, look for stories that move your character forward.

Important: Follow the tips on brainstorming original content here.

Sample Questions to Get Started

Here are sample questions to get the brainstorming started.

  • What’s your earliest memory of Halloween? Your first costume? (Do you have pictures you can post on socials?)
  • What was your most embarrassing costume in lower school? Middle school? High school? Adulthood? Best/worst/favorite costumes?
  • Did you ever cry in costume on Halloween?
  • Any funny stories about your siblings being little, tween, teenage, adult?
  • What was your neighborhood like at Halloween? Picture perfect or white trash?
  • Anything scary happen on Halloween as a kid? a teenager? an adult?
  • Ever hook up with anyone in costume or get turned on by someone because of their costume
  • Ever get in trouble with the police on Halloween? Anyone you know?
  • Ever have to do the walk of shame in your Halloween costume?
  • Ever show up at a party wearing the same costume as someone else?
  • What’s your favorite Halloween candy? What do you hate?
  • What’s the worst thing you got in your Halloween loot bag?
  • Any family traditions around the holiday? Decorated to the max vs. lights off?
  • Any regrets around Halloween as a kid? a teenager? an adult?
  • What’s the biggest fight you got into while in costume?
  •  Any costume you wish you could have worn but your parents wouldn’t let you?
  • How about costume fails?
  • Ever party a little too hard?
  • Any Halloween fails?
  • If you’re a parent, any embarrassing or funny Halloween stories about your kids?
  • Do you have any real life ghost stories or encounters with the psychics, mediums, Ouija Boards, etc?
  • What is your Scary Movie story?
  • What is the most scared you’ve ever been? Any scary moments in a haunted house?