Build a 5 Star Character Brand Lesson 3 Seminar

Excelling as a radio personality starts with finding your personal character voice. This seminar shows you exactly how to do it. This is the action-packed step-by-step process of how to build a 5-Star Character Brand by developing a character brand profile based on your real-life personality.

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Lesson #3: Rules Of Character Branding

This video explores how to find your unique character for an on-air performance. It is about being honest, exaggerating some aspects of one’s personality, and altering one’s perception of stories and reactions to fit the content. The goal is for fans to feel close to the performer, as if they know them, and for them to be able to connect on a deep emotional level.

This video explains how to use your character’s voice to communicate with confidence and power while staying true to who you are. You’ll learn the importance of embellishing certain aspects of your character to make it larger than life.

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This video explains how a character profile helps you understand yourself better as an on-air performer.

There are several essential guidelines for creating a successful character profile.

Rule one is that the character must be rooted in the real-life personality of the individual, not a literal representation. Rule two is that the character must be authentic, true to their character, and engaging. Rule three is that the characters must be compatible with each other if they are part of a multi-personality show. Rule four is that the personalities must have distinct and meaningful contributions, have common values, and be likable. Rule five is developing traits that are memorable. Rule six deals with character quirks that make the character more relatable and endearing.