Build a 5 Star Character Brand Lesson 5 Seminar

Excelling as a radio personality starts with finding your personal character voice. This seminar shows you exactly how to do it. This is the action-packed step-by-step process of how to build a 5-Star Character Brand by developing a character brand profile based on your real-life personality.

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Lesson #5: Building The Profile

The fifth video in the series discusses creating a character profile by organizing and refining previously gathered information, sorting the traits into categories, and putting them into the Character Brand template. It shows you how to categorize traits with an example of building a dynamic profile as each category is created.

Then, you’ll learn how to find contradictions in a personality, identify a central conflict, identify the comedic perspective or sense of humor, and to identify endearing qualities that make you lovable,

Then, the traits are narrowed into a synopsis, a character-defining quote, and a 3-5-word summary.