Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Downloads For Personalities

Promotions Download: Daily Planner

A sequential planning template that organizes all show prep content in one place. In Word format.  

Promotions Download: Storyboard Template

This template (in PowerPoint format) helps personalities organize content and turn it into a story. For details on how to storyboard, go here.  

Promotions Download: Daily Road Map

This is a simple tool to plan a radio show each day. Customize the spreadsheet and complete each field. It also includes a Weekly Road Map planner. For details on how to use it,...

Promotions Download: Content Relevance Comparison

Use this form to compare how topical and relevant your show is compared to other entertainment sources. For details on how to use this form, go here.  

Promotions Download: Feature Episode Tracker

Use this tool to log details for each episode of a feature. It's useful to quickly find archived audio and program Best Of shows.  

Promotions Download: $1,000 Minute Questions

The Thousand Dollar Minute is absolutely, positively, one of the best games to play on the radio. It’s sticky, drives tune-in, and won’t break the budget. Here's a long list of questions to help get...

Personalities Download: Personality Success Path

Have you wondered why highly successful personalities move to a new market and fail? Or why a show that’s really not that good gets high ratings, while a great show just can’t get traction? The Personality Success Path explains...

Downloads For Personalities

One-stop shopping for tools to help radio personalities and producers. FEATURES $1,000 Minute Questions Questions for $1,000 Minute Game. For details on how to execute the game and use these questions, go here. Feature Episode Tracker Use this tool...

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When the Atlanta Braves began the baseball season with a 9 game losing streak, their fans were predictably upset. This presents opportunity for clever...