Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Downloads For Promotions

Promotions Download: Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet

Creating graphics for social media and digital platforms can be a frustrating nightmare. But relax. There is help on the way with our Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet. Use this as a guide to...

Promotions Download: Email DRIP Campaign Spreadsheet

The most effective marketing is a great email newsletter to a smart database. But if the promotions department is really taxed, it’s possible to automate the email newsletter and still send current, topical content. Use...

Downloads For Promotions

One-stop shopping for tools to help radio promotions managers. DIGITAL MARKETING Email DRIP Campaign Spreadsheet Use this spreadsheet to plan an automated email marketing campaign. For details on how to use it, go here. Social Media Image Sizing...

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Contest: Crack The Code

Crack the Code is one of the stickiest promotions on the radio. If you do it right, it engages listeners, seducing them into more...