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Download: Build A 5 Star Character Brand Template

This Build A 5 Star Character Brand Template should be used to compile personality traits in an easy, manageable format. It's provided in Microsoft Powerpoint format with instructions for each category and a sample...

Download: Build A 5 Star Character Brand Personality Questionnaire

This list of questions can be used for Step One when building a Character Profile. The questionnaire should be completed by each personality in details and returned to the moderator. It's provided in Microsoft...

Download: Build A 5 Star Character Brand Moderator Guide

This is a thorough guide for the moderator helping personalities when building a Character Profile. The Build A 5 Star Character Brand Moderator Guide includes everything needed to conduct the meetings and organize the...

Download: DMR Christmas Programming and Ratings study

Download this Christmas programming and ratings study produced by DMR Interactive showing the benefits stations experience when switching to an all-Christmas music format. This is described in greater detail in our Christmas Programming and...

Download: Show Prep Meeting Checklist

The Show Prep Meeting Checklist is a great guide to help shows be properly prepared. The template includes a checklist for the pre-show meeting, post-show meeting, promotion/marketing, and prep/planning.

Download: Aircheck Segment Evaluation Template

Use this Segment Evaluation Template form to evaluate individual radio segments. This template works particularly well for self-analysis as well as for programmers and coaches working on an aircheck critique.

Download: Content Relevance Comparison

Use the Content Relevance Comparison form to compare how topical and relevant your show is compared to other entertainment sources. For details on how to use this form, go here.  

Download: Feature Episode Tracker

Use this Feature Episode Tracker tool in Microsoft Excel format to log details for each episode of a feature. It's useful to quickly find archived audio and program Best Of Shows, plus it helps...

Download: Target Era Calculator

How can a programmer determine the depth of a music library? Should it be deep or shallow? And should the primary focus be on narrowly defined genres or open them up to be wide?...

Download: Air Check Transcript Form

The aircheck transcript is one of the most effective aircheck themes for programmers to work with talent. This Air Check Transcript Form is a Microsoft Word document that can be used to transcribe and analyze...