Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Downloads For Programmers

Promotions Download: Air Check Transcript Form

The aircheck transcript is one of the most effective air check themes for programmers to work with talent. This Word document can be used to transcribe and analyze exactly how a show performs a break...

Promotions Download: Ratings Tracking Tool

Use this tool for keeping track of the station or show ratings over a long period of time.

Promotions Download: Christmas Songs Safe List

Here is a list of highly-researched Christmas songs that are safe for most stations to program, courtesy of P1 Research.

Promotions Download: Perfect Music Rotations Worksheet

There are many things that could cause music to rotate poorly. But before diagnosing the cause of a problem, it’s best to go all the way back to the basics to make sure the...

Downloads For Programmers

One-stop shopping for tools to help radio program directors. MUSIC Perfect Music Rotations Worksheet Use this spreadsheet to identify perfect song rotations when setting up a music scheduling system. For details on how to use it, go...

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Taking Your Show From Good to Great Pt 1 Seminar on...

Having a good show is no longer enough to be competitive. Today’s personalities must be better than good. They must be great. In this...