Here’s a fun summer promotion for male targeted stations that has a bit of an edge, but can also be sensitive and warm for women in the audience if executed and positioned properly. It’s the Pregnant Mom Bikini Contest.

In this article, you will learn how to execute an attention-getting summer promotion guaranteed to create a buzz. Including:

  • Keys to success for the promotion.
  • How to implement this promotion and not get in trouble!
  • Execution tips and best practices.

The Pregnant Mom Bikini Contest

First, be careful in how this is positioned on the air. If the talent turns it into an exploitive event, it can get a bit ugly. But if it’s to celebrate the “most beautiful women in the world”…pregnant women…it can be sweet and charming.

This promotion works anytime during the summer, but the best time is probably after July 1st. It’s after Mother’s Day, Graduations, and the rush of early summer.

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There are two idea times for it: Around Father’s Day (on a weekend), and Labor Day weekend (last weekend of summer). Father’s Day ties into pregnancy, of course. Have new Dads enter for their wives! And Labor Day weekend ties into pregnancy, too (labor, get it?).

Execution TIps and Best Practices

This is essentially a pageant to find the hottest pregnant mom, held at a public location.

  • Stage this in an outdoor location. The beach, a public park, an outdoor shopping mall, etc.
  • Start promoting early. It’ll take some time to gather the candidates.
  • Over-recruit candidates. Some pregnant women will think this is a great idea at first, then back out as the event nears.
  • Rules should include that the mothers must be at least 5 months pregnant to enter.
  • There are several methods for deciding winners:
    • Audience vote at the event. If you can live stream the video, allow online voting as well.
    • A panel of official judges that score the candidates based on established criteria. Determining the categories for deciding the winner can be fun on-air content.
  • Prizes should include cash and parent-type awards. How about:
    • A scholarship for the child.
    • Family photography session.
    • Gift cards to malls or parent-friendly stores.
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Sponsor Opportunities

There are lots of ways to make money with this event. Here are some categories to consider:

  • Baby stores.
  • Diapers.
  • Daycare.
  • Children’s hospitals.
  • Photography studios.
  • Toy stores.


This can be a fun and provocative event. It’s perfect for personality oriented shows on rock stations.