This is an easy stunt to organize, and you can make it even bigger with some clever and careful promotion on the show. It’s a social experiment called Stand In Line. The trick is, you’re standing in line for absolutely nothing.

Here’s how to do it:

Stand In Line Stunt

You’ll need a high traffic area, some volunteers from your staff and the ability to motivate listeners to kill a few hours doing basically nothing. But they’ll get to be a part of a great laugh.

Make sure it’s in a high traffic area with a lot of activity around it. A downtown area is ideal because there are a lot of buildings and it’s not always easy to see what’s going on.

Get some staff members or listeners to start it. All they have to do is and stand in line. The longer the line at the beginning, the better. As people walk by, they’ll be curious. Some will ask what’s going on. Instruct all of your listeners in the line to say something like. “Can’t tell you it’s a secret, and they don’t want many people to know, but it’s a great deal. You’re going to want to get in on it.”

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Be sure the line moves, but move it very slowly.

To build the crowd even more, send promotion people out with fliers to hand out and build the line with this one-in-a-lifetime offer, so good we can’t tell you what it is.


You’ll create a buzz. You may have to set it up a bit, but it’ll make for great video and audio as the buzz builds. The downside of this stunt is that it takes awhile to pull off effectively. That’s both an advantage and a drawback, though.

It’ll be even stronger if you can stage this around the time of a major event, such as major concert tickets going on sale or the release of a new Apple product!