If you are in a cold-weather city where it snows a lot, Shoveling Elvises is a great stunt that could turn into a winter-long promotion. It can also create a lot of attention. And, you can extend it to other seasons with a little creativity.

This article explains how to get local attention with the Shoveling Elvises. Including:

  • How to pull this off.
  • Variations that work in any season.
  • Sponsor and partner opportunities.

The Shoveling Elvises

This is a terrific stunt that requires a promotion team or interns that can be your team of shovelers. If that’s not available, you could hire out the shovelers.

  • Set up a team of 4-6 people who dress as Elvis. Each time it snows, the Shoveling Elvises team shows up to scoop driveways and sidewalks unannounced.
  • Set up an online form on your website to accept entries.
  • When it snows, send the Elvis crew to clear driveways and sidewalks.
  • Start early in the morning to surprise winners as they wake up, and try to get them to call the show.
  • Dress it up by taking Elvis music as a soundtrack, and leave behind a dozen “jelly doughnuts.”
  • Be sure to get a video each time, and testimonials from the winners.
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It’s really important that the crew look good and put on a show. They need to have some personality and character to pull this off. If they just come out and shovel the snow but don’t put some show biz into it, the whole event will be flat.


Get a sponsor like Toro (snowblowers and mowers) involved. This can also be a great cross-promotion with a TV station.

101.9 The Fox/North Bay, Ontario gives away Snow Jobs. To win, their listener club members submit points into the drawing. That would be a great companion to the Shoveling Elvises.

Shoveling Elvis Variations

If this works, there’s no reason you can’t extend it to other categories and keep the theme year-round. For example, how about:

  • Mowing Elvises
  • Moving Elvises
  • Grilling Elvises


This is wacky enough to catch on, and that’s part of the appeal of radio stunts. Have fun with it. Elvis is a cultural icon and unique enough to get a lot of publicity and attention.

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You could do it with different characters, too. For example, dress up a team of guys in gorilla suits. Still, there’s just something about five guys in Elvis costumes with shovels that makes for a great story.