The Best DJ is a great promotion that can turn into free marketing at clubs all through your community.

It’s a user-generated content promotion to find your city’s best DJ or club mixer. If you’re a CHR or Hip Hop station that targets night club attendees, this can be a good one-time event or a campaign you bring back every year.

How to Find the Best DJ

Set this up as you would any other online promotion that solicits users to submit entries. The difference in this and photo contests, though, is that you can get a lot more external attention by getting mixers and DJs to promote the contest during their gigs.

The campaign starts by inviting the DJs to submit their own original mix to the station. You can play some of the better entries as content on the air. This makes the promotion easy to talk about. It’s content based promos.

Then set up voting online. the best way to do it would be with multiple rounds of voting. In each round, reduce the field until you get to the finalists. Try to reduce the final field  down to the top 5-10 or so.

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The Winner

Arriving at the winner is strictly through votes. The most votes wins. Send frequent updates to the DJ’s to keep them promoting your show, and provide on-air updates as well.

This creates strong on-air content, contributes to a hip image, and drives thousands of entries to your database.


The Best DJ is a good promotion for the right stations. Most of the heavy lifting is off the air. When you get the local night clubs and local DJs involved, they will promote your contest. That leads their fans to your station.