Do you need to increase traffic to a social media platform quickly? This will get the numbers up fast! Last Comment Wins is exactly what the title describes. It’s a simple, fun promotion on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media site.

This article explains how to do Last Comment Wins online. Including:

  • Explanation of the game.
  • Execution tips and details.
  • Two great examples from radio shows.

Last Comment Wins

This is a fun, free, and oddly addictive way to engage the audience and keep them active for a day or two. Some have kept it going even longer!

Just start a contest with a post. The winner is the person to leave the last comment. There’s no end date. No deadline. There are no other rules. Simply, the last comment wins.


Magic 92.5/San Diego PD and afternoon personality R Dub started a contest that kept going and going and going.

As you can see, the response was overwhelming. There were over 32,000 comments and over 1,000 likes in the first week. This alone drove their Facebook traffic to a six-fold increase!

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It was especially interesting to read through the comments as fans started to realize that this is a “contest that never ends”. Then it took on an almost cult-like following and got even better.

The show eventually ended the contest and gave away the Disney tickets on the air and promoted it in the Last Comment Wins post. What a great way to drive attention to the appointment.

Here’s another example from Country 102.5/Boston. The morning show of Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown offered to give away Ayla’s cowboy hat:

By the end of their show on the first day, they had over 1,500 comments and hundreds of new likes. Most of the comments told Ayla she looked great in the hat and she should keep it! Which she did!

Execution Tips

  • Expect some complaints, but don’t worry about them. As time goes on, listeners figure out that it’s a “contest that never ends”. It’s best to not award a prize to someone that posts online because that will create a landslide of complaints. If it’s a real prize (like the Disney tickets) give them away on-air.
  • It’s interesting to watch comments as the promotion continues. They start with excitement (This is cool) to confusion (Wait, when does this end?) to curiosity (Oh, I get it. It’s a promotion that never ends) to anger (This is bogus. It’s not ending?) and then humor (You got us…that was fun).
  • If you monitor and respond to the comments, don’t expand on the premise. Just “That’s right…the last comment wins.”
  • If they ask when it ends, just say, “When the last comment is posted”. Explaining too much or apologizing ruins the joke.
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Don’t create a constant stream of promotions like this, but it’s fun once in a while.

Note: if you really wanted to, you could end the contest at some point and award the prize, but don’t pre-announce exactly when it will end.