The Where Is It Game is fun online game, but you can also play on air. Or it can be a combination. And the best part is that it never really gets old.

The game is a simple and it works for just about any show.

Where Is It Game

Simply take a local photo and post it on your website (or Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

The first correct answer wins a prize. You can make it difficult, but don’t make it impossible. There needs to be enough information so they can make a guess, but not so much that it’s obvious.

If it’s a weekly on-air feature, give enough clues and make it easy enough to get a winner on the same day. if it’s mostly online, with clues on air, you can stretch it much further.

How To Play Where Is It

Here are all the details of how to play both online and on-air. Modify as you need for your purposes.

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Provide clues on the air.

Solicit guesses by filling out a form online to build your database.

If you want it to be a local community promotion, make the photo from a local alndmark, but make it hard to guess! Otherwise, you’ll have winners very quickly.

You can photoshop one of your cast members in the picture if you want.

You could expand the contest to be a location that’s anywhere in the world if you want. If that’s the case, you could change the name to “Where in the World is (name). If you do this, you could award a trip to that location as prize. This raises the stakes, and sponsorship opportunities.

Add more personality to it by including a random object in the photo (a stuffed bear, for example).


Where Is It can be a promotion you build up on the air, or keep it as a strictly online promotion. Use it to drive traffic to your website, create a viral buzz or turn it into content on your show.

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