When radio stations truly adopt a cause, miracles can happen. Cause marketing is one of the best ways to grow roots in communities while building layers of endearing qualities into air personality brands.

There are endless opportunities to give back to the community. Some are instant, spontaneous moments that alert personalities can capitalize on, such as the time Kidd Kraddick in the Morning’s Big Al provided a vehicle for a listener.

Or the way Kyle & Jackie O surprised this mom.

These are terrific, spontaneous moments that stand out, cause emotional responses and often spread virally.

Then there are ongoing campaigns that enable your show to build goodwill over time, and there’s no shortage of worthy causes eager for your station to promote them. It’s hard to say no, but you must, unless the cause is your own!

Evidence from analyzing PPM data proves that food drives, pledge weeks, blood drives and fun runs that raise money or awareness drive away listeners. Sometimes dramatically.

And what do you gain from those events? A logo on a T-Shirt along with dozens of other sponsors.

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So what is a station to do?

7 Keys To Cause Marketing Success

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