Photo contests are highly engaging and, when executed properly, they can add a lot of traffic to your website or social media pages. A Best/Worst contest can apply to many different categories.

For details on how to execute online photo contests, go here.

Here are several best/worst contests you can execute:

But for ideas on what to do with your photo contest, here’s one that really can’t miss:

Best/Worst Online Contest Ideas: Funniest Person

Funniest Person works as a video contest or an audio contest, and can be a terrific source of content on the air, and in public. It makes for great content for your website, and gets shared on social media.

Based on the hit TV Show Last Comic Standing, you simply solicit to find (your market’s) funniest person.

Encourage anyone to enter.

Contestants upload a short YouTube video (Suggestion: Limit videos to 90 seconds or 2 minutes) for round 1.

Encourage everyone to enter. You’ll get some funny content to use, and you’ll get some that’s so bad it’s funny.

Choose the best entries for Round 2, and create an online vote. Encourage finalists to promote voting to their fans/followers/social networks.

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Reduce the field to the final 8-10, and have a final round of voting to get to the final 3-5.

Let listeners get to know the finalists by inviting them on your show.

The finalists perform live in a station/show event with the winner chosen by listeners.

For prizes, consider:

  1. 10-minute stand-up routine at local comedy club,
  2. Professional coaching from a stand up comic,
  3. Trip to Comedy Festival, such as the RIOT Comedy Festival in LA.

You can have several categories as well: Kids, teens, moms, etc.

Best (Or Ultimate) Super-Fan of the local sports team makes a great photo contest and ties into your local market.

Hot Or Not

Hot or Not is a fun photo contest that focuses on both the best and the worst, as judged by your audience.

Start each day with two photos up against one another. The entry with the most votes is determined HOT and moves on to the next round of competition. The loser is determined NOT and eliminated.

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This works for a variety of formats and target audiences, depending on how you set it up.

You could theme this promotion in many ways, or could have multiple categories for entry:

Moms (an edgier Mother’s Day Promotion)

The Best/Worst

These are great for sponsors and advertisers. Start a search for (Your Town’s) Best/Worst entries in a variety of categories.

Users can enter for either category. The winner of the best gets a prize. The winner of the worst gets a make-over, so you can turn it into the Best.

It’s easy to come up with categories for this promotion. You could do Best/Worst Back Yard, Best/Worst Grill, Best/Worst Man Cave, Best/Worst Garage, Best/Worst Closet, etc.

Or make it personal and go for Best/Worst Bridesmaid Dresses, Best/Worst Haircut, Best/Worst (Ugliest) Sweater (great for Christmas), Best/Worst/Ugliest Tie (great for Father’s Day) or Best/Worst/Ugliest Dog/Cat.

Or get a little more sentimental and make it a Best Teacher or Most Appreciated Teacher contest.

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Obviously this works for other categories, too. It could just as easily recognizes coaches, nurses, first responders or military.

A Very Personal Worst Contest

You could get even more personal with a category about people. The Who’s Uglier? promotion is a lot of fun.

The promotion message is:

If you’re feeling a little insecure, let us help. Send picture of you and 3-4 of your friends and listeners will rank them.

This becomes an ongoing online photo contest. Pick one entry per week to vote on.This is great on the air and online.

This can be a great daily, weekly, monthly, or just an occasional promotion.


Online photo contests are terrific, if you manage them properly. There are many types of contests that can work for you, but these ideas are a great place to start if you’re looking for something fun and easy to execute.