For the right station, Breakfast Kids is absolutely gold on the air. If you target adult women, you should be doing it at least once a week. As you library of content builds, you can recycle older episodes and turn it into a daily feature.

Why does it work? Because for decades, kids stand out in entertainment. They get attention, are cute, often funny and heart-warming. Art Linkletter built a franchise around it. So did pre-creepy Bill Cosby with his Jell-o commercials.

They’re a never-ending source of content. Here’s how to make it work for your show

The feature is simply asking questions of young children and editing their responses together. The best ages are about 3-7 years old. If one of your cast members is good with kids, they can really draw out some terrific responses.

The hardest part is making arrangements to visit organizations that have young children in one place. It only works in groups, because the kids will feed off of one another and you’ll get better reactions. A list of possible sources is below.

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Then, create a list of questions that yield the desired responses.

How To Execute Breakfast Kids


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