How would you like to implement a long-term ratings strategy and increase share by 70%? Sound good? Don’t roll your eyes and dismiss this as if it were an infomercial. I’m serious. It could happen. I know that, because it happened for my client.

This strategy is simple. It’s logical. And it is something virtually everyone can do.

This ratings strategy works because it applies the principles of Concentration of Force to a specific call-to-action. In the process, it builds a mini-brand for a radio show’s most attractive content-the One Thing feature.

It works because it addresses two main reasons stations often fail to get ratings gains, even with their most valuable content:

  1. The feature isn’t programmed frequently enough. Once a week or once a day doesn’t get it done. And once per day is usually not enough either. You will see why.
  2. The feature isn’t promoted aggressively enough. Teasing and promotion makes it important and more high profile.
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First, a little background:

  • The station in this case study had good success with a specific programming feature, running once a day in their morning show for well over seven years.
  • The morning show was convinced the feature had run it’s course and it was time to move on to something new. But we found out that there was plenty of growth remaining.

That same feature powered their quarter hours to an increase of 70%. Here’s how we did it.

The Ratings Strategy That Increased Share By 70%


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