Online video is a proven method of extending a personality brand to reach new listeners. But man, there’s a lot of competition. Radio station videos compete with thousands of great video producers online. It’s critical to invest the time producing videos rather than just throw footage on social media.

How popular is online video? It’s wildly popular.

More people see SNL, Kimmel, Ellen and James Corden short-form videos online than watch the TV shows. That goes for both live and DVR viewing. Their video strategies drive celebrity brands and deliver more eyes to the video content.

But the power of video isn’t limited to television shows and movie producers.

According to Ad Age, the #1 YouTube video in 2016 was from an unlikely source Shell. Yeah, the gasoline and energy company. The video featured Jennifer Hudson celebrating  the power to #makethefuture. It showcased the bright energy ideas to emerge from Shell’s collaboration with young energy entrepreneurs.

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That’s a powerful, inspiring and emotional connection.

Radio stations can do the same using video for on-air content. It’s a terrific way to extend brands and generate inexpensive marketing.

Are you creating content that your audience is anxious to share? Do they get excited about videos and comment on it? Talk about it? Do they share it? Embed it on their sites? If not, follow some of these guidelines for producing videos that get attention.

Know Who You Are & Who You’re For


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