Length matters. It’s true in so many things, and there’s conclusive proof that it’s especially true in online marketing. Video length may not be the most important  aspect of a successful online video, but it is a prime factor in whether or not that video gets a chance to be seen!

There’s no doubt that online videos capture attention. It’s great for SEO (search-engine optimization), communicating brand values, exposing personality traits to an audience in an intimate way and making a brand come alive with pictures! Plus, turning audio segments into a video gets shared a lot more than audio alone.

Like a story, movie and radio segment, there is no right and wrong length of time for a video. The proper length of all entertainment is best described as “however long it needs to be”.

But there’s hard evidence that the longer the video, the greater the barrier in attracting viewers.

Think about your own experiences. If you’ve searched for a topic and found a video that fits the search, what’s the first thing you do? Check the length! And that’s for something that you are looking for!

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Length matters to you, and it matters to the audience. and it matters even more to potential users who you hope to attract.

How Long Should My Video Be?

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