In strategy meetings at radio stations all over the world, building a social media presence is usually one of the most talked-about goals. And it doesn’t take long before someone issues a direct order for how much content should be pushed to listeners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platforms. But that’s putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. Instead of focusing on attracting usage to a Facebook page, there’s a better way to grow social presence. Turn it around and focus on getting your brand on the user’s timeline.

To some, this sounds backwards. But it’s the key in getting more engagement, particularly as the social media sties tweak the criteria that rewards (or limits) exposure to original content.

There’s value in creating new online and social content, for sure. It’s at the heart of a strategy to generate more followers and fans. But it’s not a quantity game. It’s a quality challenge.

Getting content into a user’s timeline has far more power of attracting attention than luring existing fans back to your site one more time.

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How to Get Into A User’s Timeline

Getting in their timeline is how your message actually gets spread. And it’s really pretty easy to do!

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