Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build deeper relationships with a radio audience. But even the best content is useless if the email isn’t opened. And if nobody reads the email newsletter, does it really exist? That’s why email open rates should be one of the first metrics checked.

Every email newsletter can turn secondary listeners into fans and alert the most valuable listeners-those who have opted in to receive messages -on how to use a radio brand more.

And that converts to longer TSL.

Many stations have developed a negative view of email marketing because they’ve watched email open rates decline over the years. Email may not be as sexy as it once was, but it’s still the most effective way to reach a large audience quickly.

Notice in this chart from Marketo: audiences interact with brands most by email and websites. That’s impressive. And you thought social media was driving the bus? Not quite. Not really.

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Social media is immediate, and it’s easy to see reaction, but it’s kind of like watching the studio line light up when asking for caller #9. Don’t use it as the only measure of success.

How To Improve Email Open Rates


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