Isn’t it embarrassing to share a great experience, and have no reaction? So you sheepishly mumble something like, “Believe me, it was great. Must be that you had to be there.”

That happens when there’s a story you thought was hilarious. You can’t wait to share it with your friends or family because it was exciting and really funny, but the audience just doesn’t get it. They understood what you were saying, but there’s no emotional reaction. They don’t share what was originally experienced.

So you try another approach. And again, no traction. Eventually, the story ends as you mumble, “Well, I guess you had to be there.” Or worse, they say it just to get the story to end.

What happens to cause a “You had to be there” reaction? What happens that causes stories to go wrong? It’s not that the story was bad. Or even boring. The story is probably just fine. Instead, take a look at how the story was told.

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Overcome You Had To Be There

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