Sunday, October 2, 2022

Avoid “Had to be There” Stories

Isn't it embarrassing to share a great experience or personal story with friends, and there is no reaction? So you sheepishly mumble something like, "Believe me, it was great. Must be that you had...
Storytelling in two minutes

Show Prep: Storyboard For Storytelling in Two Minutes

In almost every workshop on storytelling, someone claims there's no way to practice the storytelling basics because of time restrictions. What? Are you kidding? There's not enough time to tell a story? People pay...

A List of Reasons Not To Use Lists On The Air

A popular tool for online publishers to attract clicks is creating lists. You see them everywhere: The Top 7 Reasons to Dump Your Mate or 14 Ways to Organize Your Life. In this article, I...

How To Brainstorm An Idea Into A Story

Many personalities struggle to turn a topic or idea into a relatable story that pulls listeners in. There's a thin line between being self-absorbed and interesting with an outward focus. That's why personal stories...

Prepping a Personal Story

The only thing harder than telling personal stories is prepping a personal story. There’s nothing like great radio talent telling personal stories from real-life experiences. It’s also among the greatest risks of running listeners...

How To Hijack the Topic

Many personalities talk about the right things but don't get credit because they fail to insert themselves and become a central part of the story. It's not a good idea to hijack a segment...

The Daily Creative Process

Creating great radio shows every day is a grind. The daily creative process pays off each day, but as you're high-fiving and celebrating today's show, it's time to start working on tomorrow. In this article,...

Promotions Download: Show Prep Topic Form

This Word document is formatted to help organize details on each topic in the show prep process.  

Promotions Download: Daily Planner

A sequential planning template that organizes all show prep content in one place. In Word format.  

Promotions Download: Storyboard Template

This template (in PowerPoint format) helps personalities organize content and turn it into a story. For details on how to storyboard, go here.  

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