Radio station websites are better than a few years ago. In general, they look better, navigate better and have more compelling content. There’s still a long way to go to catch up with most of the rest of the entertainment world, but we’ve made progress. One thing in particular is annoying about most sites today. Nearly every radio station website has far more content about other things than their own brand assets. This needs to stop. Don’t just post it. Curate it.

For all the improvements, I still see an endless stream of content that has been gathered, imported or cut and pasted from other sources. Station sites are constipated with pop culture news, information about artists and news updates.

Guess what? That’s not helping you at all. It’s not why listeners come to a radio station website. In fact, the presence of all that stuff just makes it hard to find what is important to them – and you.

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Find Great Content Ideas: Then Curate It


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