it’s tempting to plan weekend promotions or contests by finding a big prize offer and slapping it on the air. Boom. You’re done. Simple and fast. Listen all weekend to win, then tune in on Monday morning for the grand prize, right?

Hold on.

Having a great prize is only the start of a successful promotion or contest, and weekends are a time stations can earn big ratings gains if it’s managed properly.

Listening levels for most stations are significantly lower on weekends than Monday through Friday. The audience is in a different routine and they’re in a different mood. Take advantage of that shift. A big weekend promotion can command attention when listening levels are lower. That means the listening gained can have a disproportionate positive lift.

Introducing special programming and weekend promotions can attract listeners that may be only casual listeners during the week if it’s packaged creatively and is fun to listen to.

Even if the audience doesn’t respond to the incentive, they’ll respond to the entertainment value.

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But weekend promotions on most stations are endless noise about Win it Before You Can Buy It,  Family Four Packs and Weekend Prize Packs. These are fine concepts, but they have been beaten and left for dead.

There are more creative ways to promote.

Promoting Prize Packages for Weekend Promotions


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