Many times, program directors and promotion managers are trapped in thinking that everything the station does has to be larger than life, over-the-top promotions that blow listeners away with how big it is. That’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s all about the listener experience.

Normally, we assume that a promotion’s success will be how much we can offer (big cash prizes) and how fast and easy it is to participate, such as the case with call in and win contests. It’s true that the contest prize offer affects response, but that’s only when comparing the value of prizes. 

There are other ways to impact your audience on a deeper level. It’s the listener experience.

In fact, when the offer is a unique listener experience, the promotion’s impact can be far greater than the cost.

Jacobs Media’s Tech Survey revealed that a surprisingly large percentage of listeners (more than 1/3) wish to have deeper engagement with their favorite radio station. They want to have a relationship with you. What a gift! You just have to find ways to make that happen. And in the process, you can stretch your contest budget.

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The Listener Experience


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