gitiveSpin the radio dial and you’ll hear contests and promotions on nearly every frequency. It’s part of what radio does well. And it works to herd those ratings respondents to your radio station. But when it comes to prizes and incentives, it’s time to rethink your contest strategy. Cash may not be king of contests anymore.

Traditionally, cash is king. Every research project will show you that the audience wants money more than anything. Here’s data from Nuvoodoo showing how attractive it is for those most likely to play radio contests:

That’s why so many national, shared contests offer big payoffs.

Further, Nuvoodoo research shows cash giveaways rank very high in the most desired content on radio overall:

So it seems cash is king. And yes, it is attractive, for sure. But there’s mounting evidence that cash contests are no longer the most attractive incentive to listen and respond.

Evidence: Why Cash May Not Be King