When talking with marketers about the value of contests and sweepstakes in their promotion strategy, the conversation always turns to the value of the type of person that enters to win. There’s almost always a feeling that giveaways attract participants that won’t necessarily become loyal fans. That’s where it gets exciting for radio stations. You can find new listeners with online contests.

Best of all, you can also find the most valuable listeners (ratings respondents) with this method.

Using the power of incentive (coupons, discounts, free gifts, or a chance to win)to get an email address or other contact information isĀ an important tactic in a marketing strategy. Not only does it provide an introduction to your brand, it can turn into a marketing tool that pays off over and over.

It’s a great strategy if stations commit and invest in it. And it works!

Find New Listeners With Online Contests: It Works