Question for Ask The Experts: I read your article about heritage shows not performing as well in the ratings as they could or logically should. Our show is doing fine, but I don’t think we’re doing as well as we should. The listeners are passionate and there seems to be a decent amount of young people along with 50-year-olds who’ve listened since they were in college. However, my question is about our defining features. Our most popular feature has been on for 20 years. It seems like we need to update it, but it still researches so well. At what point do you move on and innovate? Or should we just ride our long-term listeners into the sunset?

Answer: The dilemma faced by many heritage shows is maintaining a balance between preserving their long-term fanbase and attracting new listeners to stay relevant. For a comprehensive understanding of this concept, I recommend the Top Of Mind Awareness Seminar on Demand.

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Here’s an enhanced approach and specific answer:


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