Monday, December 6, 2021

Radio Theories on Stop Set Placement

The best way to program commercials is to go commercial-free. Okay, that's not likely. So what is the best way to schedule those pesky spots? What is programming's best practice on stop set placement?...

It’s Time To Rethink Your Clocks

At any hour of any day, tune in any station in any market. What is on the radio? Sameness. Commercials happen at the same time on most stations. Promos are the first element in...

3 Reasons Listeners Have Stopped Paying Attention

Short attention spans demand clear, simple, worthwhile, short messages. Or, a longer, compelling story that unfolds with miniature payoffs leading toward a suspenseful end. Either way, the key is efficient, focused presentation. The problem...

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How To Sequence Phone Calls For Greater Impact

Once there are a full bank of calls lined up and those callers are properly coached to perform, most producers or phone screeners sit...