Most stations have a target audience. It is a common step in the marketing process for all brands, including radio stations. But have you identified the right target audience to get the best results for your station?

Broadcasters usually identify who they want to listen, then create a station or show designed to attract and hold them. They take into account various criteria, such as competition in the market, available formats and demographics that fit the company’s portfolio of stations.

Some even identify specific traits of the ideal target listener’s life, down to the kind of car she drives and breed of dog she has. Building a composite audience persona can be a productive exercise, as long as the profile is designed to represent the audience, not define the audience.

When a station’s audience is defined too narrowly, you actually limit the potential to attract a larger audience.

Does a station targeting 25-34 women station reject a 45-year old male who loves their station and what it stands for just because they don’t fit a “profile?” There’s a better way to build a target audience.

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Target Audience Fails

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