Big brands with passionate advocates have found ways to stimulate fans in ways that cause them to connect with brand values in such profound ways they become willing, enthusiastic brand ambassadors. This is a powerful weapon in the battle for top-of-mind awareness. When a consumer is able to self-identify with a brand like Apple, Starbucks, Tesla, and Harley-Davidson, loyalty follows. And of course, market share and profits are not far behind, especially when those fans become evangelists for the brand.

This article explains how radio shows can cause fans to self-identify with their show. Including:

  • The value of fans that self-identify with a show. 
  • How to get started with the current core audience.
  • The importance of a name to rally around. 
  • How to feed the fans to keep them active. 
  • Promotion that generates momentum that can’t be stopped.

The Value of Fans That Self-Identify