Every time something happens that’s even a little out of the ordinary, most radio shows immediately start to scramble to find a source that can speak into the emergency. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts to access for just about any topic at any time?

A great producer should make it a priority to create relationships with a team of experts that become the official spokespeople for the show.

It takes a little time, but is pretty easy to do. Just start a contact list that is available at any time needed to contribute to the show. Get email addresses, phone numbers and backup information on each.

This should be a fundamental task that can add depth to content and help everyone relax, knowing that we have someone to fill a role no matter the topic.

Most industries are full of entrepreneurs anxious for free publicity. A radio show can be an ideal outlet. Just be sure to manage the relationship and use them on your terms, not theirs.

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A team of experts is especially valuable for solo shows. The experts can provide additional voices and perspective that adds dimension, and gives solo performers someone to interact with.

Criteria for the Team of Experts

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