Personality radio is both art and science. And it should be in relatively equal parts. Often, programmers place so much emphasis on science, they miss the art. Or vice-versa. Personalities tend to disregard the science and be all about art. Yes, the audience is loyal because of your personality and charm, but  the science of programming a radio break provides a foundation for your art to be appreciated.

Science is measurable, objective and can be compared and tested. Albert Einstein would have loved the science of programming.

How many songs did you play? How long was the break? Did you step on the vocals of the song? Did you talk about the station’s contest just before a promo ran that said the same thing? Were you in and out of the break at the right times? Did you pay off a tease when it was promised?

These can all be measured, evaluated objectively and improved.

Art, on the other hand, is subjective, abstract and debatable. How did your break make the audience feel? Does your content cause listeners to understand more about your personality? Does your performance allow them to “get to know” you better? Is the topic relevant to the target audience?

Art is hard to critique because there are so many variables.

But the science of programming is easy. Measure and compare.

Programming to the science of PPM measurement is tangible. Lock yourself in the board room and manipulate the clocks, music rotations. Make sure stop sets fall across quarter hours.

Then monitor amount of talk relative to your competition. This is easier than to manage, coach and massage the art of performance.

A Winning Formula: Art + Science of Programming

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