On a music station, every single thing that happens is important. That’s particularly true for song segues. How songs fit together is critical to the listening experience. Paying attention to this detail can be a critical factor in creating a music brand against pure play streaming services.

Music scheduling software and automation systems can make a station sound good because they can perfect the execution of the mechanics of recorded presentation. Technology can make the station consistent and tight. In this regard, automation is far superior than relying on humans to push buttons.

But no matter how precisely each track is edited and transition points marked, technology can’t adjust based on the the next song. But humans paying attention to the music mix can make a station sound great by managing the technology effectively.

Perfect Song Segues

There’s an art to great song segues and it’s quickly becoming a lost art.

Every transition is a reflection of your show, station and brand. That alone should be motivation to improve in this area.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips that can help get you started turning this into a station strength.


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