It is hard to critique someone, but program directors who plan to lead a team have to do it. The best managers do it often. Most of the time, coaching sessions should be spent praising air personalities for positive behavior. Add some well-timed advice to strengthen weak areas, and it’s a winning combination. But many times, air check sessions turn into a confrontational, combative experience. And that’s just not productive. Here are 7 talent coaching skills every programmer should have. Master them, and you’ll be at the top of the class.

In this article, I summarize the 7 talent coaching skills every manager in radio should work on. Including:

  • How to establish mutual respect as a foundation for effective communication.
  • Overcoming talent’s natural insecurities.
  • Why leaders always seek of reduce fear.
  • How to create a relationship of collaboration and support.

The Most Important Talent Coaching Skills

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