What’s the worst part of scheduling music? Many program and music directors will tell you it’s unscheduled music positions. They drive you crazy! And you spend hours fixing them or trying to tweak the software to eliminate them.

You’re certainly familiar with an unscheduled music position in a log. It’s probably highlighted in eye-blinding yellow. It leaps off the screen, taunting you.

This causes music directors to break out in a cold sweat. They have nightmares about unscheduled positions because finding a song to fill that position can be hard.

Obsessing about unscheduled positions is emphasizing the wrong syllable. The goal should be to produce a great-sounding log with the software doing as much heavy lifting as possible, not just getting it to crank out a log.

Still, there are two ways to deal with unscheduled music positions.

Unscheduled Music Positions