In analyzing hundreds of perceptual studies for clients, it’s clear that two primary characteristics correlate most to ratings success and stations that over-achieve:

  • Audience Satisfaction And Passion For the Music Mix
  • A Truly Fun And Entertaining Morning Show

Both are important for music stations. Without a strong music mix, the foundation for building a winning morning show is weak. The show will not gain traction. And without entertaining – truly entertaining –personalities, stations are vulnerable to competitive attacks that siphon audience.

In this article, I’ll address the core foundational element for driving ratings – music quality: What the audience really thinks about a station’s overall music selection.

the song-to-song music mix is more important than playing a lot of music. It’s more important than being perceived as playing fewer commercials. After all, if you’re playing songs nobody cares about, what difference does it make how many songs are played?

That’s where audience segmentation comes in.

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What Is Audience Segmentation


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