A free research project? Seriously? That price point gets even the tightest manager’s attention. But you can do it, if you are willing to invest some time and creativity into it.

First off, a couple of disclaimers. This is not market research that can be used to make format decisions. It’s not a replacement for a perceptual project or even a statistically valid tactical research study. And it’s not a surrogate for focus groups either.

But you can gather a lot of insight from your audience, especially if you’re a personality that is collecting clues for building your career along the Personality Success Path.

If you’ve identified goals in advance, this free research project can be just what you need to measure progress and growth from quarter to quarter and year to year.

Now, here’s a warning: You’re going to get some good news  and bad news when you get the results of this project. It’ll be mostly good news, because the survey is going to be tilted in your favor. That’s why you can’t project it to the entire population of your market.

So you have to learn to evaluate the results based on what they are. And that means learning to listen to the results over a period of time. How you score in any one survey is not important. You’re going to create a series of research projects that can be used to track progress toward a specific goal over a period of time.

I go into detail on this in the Audience Magnet course (check out the foundation module).

Your First Free Research Project

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