The results of a new music research project have come in. 600 songs were tested, and there are reams of data. Now it’s time to interpret results and get it on the air. But there is a problem right there on the first page. There it is. In the Top 50. A song that doesn’t fit the format strategy is the 38the best-testing song overall. Listeners have voted and they love it. Now what?

In this article, I share details on how to interpret results of the music test. Including:

  • Avoiding difficult decisions with proper song selection.
  • Should stations even test songs that don’t fit the format?
  • How about songs we know are going to test well? Should we waste a slot?
  • How to decide which additional songs should be tested.
  • An effective trick to keep the station sounding upbeat when slow songs test great.

How To Interpret Results of Music Tests