The battle over most music rages, though today’s competition comes from new technology as much (or more) than from other radio stations. If programmers could find room to play 2 more songs every hour, it would be an advantage, wouldn’t it?

But wait a minute. You’re thinking that there’s no chance the suits will reduce the commercial policy to make this possible. That’s right. It’s not going to happen. But every station can play two more songs every hour, even without a change in commercial load.

Let’s talk about why this is important, even if there’s not another station competing for being the “most music” image. It’s because of the audience’s shrinking attention span.

Listeners are impatient. They have choices. They’re quick to tune out negatives. And anything that fails to engage them is a negative. Every programmer knows that intuitively, but most never do anything about it.

The music industry has adjusted to this trend. The formula for producing a hit song has changed.

The Hit Music Formula

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