The ratings report is in. The ratings service says the station’s cume is strong but P1’s are down. Oh no! There’s a problem with the radio station, because everyone knows that P1s are the lifeblood of a strong brand. The general manage demands an answer to the question: “What is happening to our fanbase?”. You panic. But wait a minute. P1’s are not fans, and fans are not P1’s. Knowing the truth about P1s and fans is a game-changer.

Programmers have always thought that P1s are fans of the brand. But they’re not. How can that be? P1’s are simply first preference listeners. That’s what P1 stands for: Preference 1. Logically, doesn’t that mean they prefer us more than the others? And doesn’t that make them fans?

No. Not at all. In fact, many stations have a large number of P1’s but very few fans.

The Truth About P1s and Fans: They’re Not The Same