The rating report is in. It looks like the station’s cume is strong but P1’s are down. Oh no! There’s a problem with the radio station because everyone knows that P1s are the lifeblood of a strong brand. The general manager freaks out and demands an answer: “What is happening to our fanbase?”. The programming department panics. But wait a minute. P1’s are not fans, and fans are not P1’s. Knowing the truth about P1s and fans is a game-changer.

In this article, I explained the difference between fans and P1 listeners. Including:

  • How P1s and fans are not the same.
  • 3 reasons a respondent may be a P1 but not even like your station.
  • Why it makes sense to target building fans, not P1s.

The Truth About P1s and Fans: They’re Not The Same