There are many different ways to identify your radio station, but many first time programmers (and even some experienced PDs) fall into ruts. They fall in love with programming tactics, then set it and forget it. Jingles are one of those elements that tends to be institutionalized. But for the greatest effect, you should program jingles. Don’t just play them.

For the right station, jingles are terrific. They create a sonic identity that can help make a station instantly identifiable. But they’re not for everybody.

First, decide if you need or want jingles. Inexperienced PD’s sometimes assume that jingles are a good idea just because they add tempo to their station. I’ve actually had some programmers ask “What jingle package should we use”, as if buying a package is a condition of having the station’s license renewed.

But there are many other ways to position your brand. And often, it sounds more contemporary than jingle offerings that haven’t really changed that much since the 80s.

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The goal of using jingles should be to identify your station, make your brand memorable and send a message about what it stands for. The right package can sear your brand into the minds of the listener. The wrong package can be a barrier to establishing your position.

Once you’ve decided jingles are for you, and have chosen a package, it’s time to go to work on inserting them into format clocks.

Creative Ways To Program Jingles

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