Reading this headline probably causes some to think it’s the most insane idea in programming. Show promos inside your show seems redundant. You might think it’s like running a promo to shop in a store inside the story. What’s the point?  But let’s dissect the idea. I think you’ll agree that this could be a key to tremendous ratings growth.

While it’s true that all current listeners are already listening, listeners are not created equal. Even the most valuable listeners (P1s) listen far less than we think. The average P1 tunes in just 3 quarter hours in the morning show, and listens only two days a week.

That’s not a lot of tune in, is it? The average P1 contributes just 6 quarter hours per week. There’s a lot more listening available if we can get them interested in what we’re doing.

And the non P1? This is the big opportunity. A non P1 listener averages just 2.5 minutes per occasion. And there are up to 10 times more non P1 listeners than P1s. At most stations, just 10% of the audience (the heavy P1s) make up close to 90% of listening.

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In other words, most of the audience tuned in at any given time won’t be tuned in a few minutes later. They are shopping at the store, but haven’t bought much yet. So if they’re in the store, doesn’t it make sense to tell them the great benefits and values before they leave and shop elsewhere?

Promos Are For Secondary Listeners, Not Fans

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