Production is a powerful tool, and used effectively, can be an important part of your message and communication. This applies to the station in general, but to air talent in particular. It’s perhaps most effective in managing smooth transitions between elements. It’s a secret weapon if it’s managed properly. If not, it can be deadly.

Applying it to your advantage, though, is tricky.

In a crowded media environment, every opportunity to entertain the audience and position your brand is valuable. That’s where a great production and imaging specialist is so valuable. A creative producer can add personality and momentum.

Great imaging adds another personality to a radio show, but it also may not be good for you. No matter how great the produced piece sounds, if it doesn’t serve a specific purpose, it shouldn’t be used.

And, those pieces must be managed properly.

Some stations schedule recorded elements without a plan. Programmers load a bunch of produced messages into a rotator. The tracks play at random, without regard to what surrounds it. This, of course, makes no sense. Production is so important to the sound of the station. Doesn’t it make sense to manage the imaging of the station?

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Secret Weapon Fails

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