A priority for air personalities should be an intense focus to create unique, original content from their personal lives through observation and storytelling. The problem is most talent doesn’t have the experience, training or expertise to pull it off well. That’s where program directors can make a huge impact by helping them tell better personal stories.

In this article, I’ll share four coaching tips to help your personalities succeed in this area without creating content that comes off as inside or self absorbed.

Great radio shows often build breaks around telling personal stories from the life experiences of individuals. This is unique content that nobody else can perform. And it’s highly compelling when done right.

But when it’s not executed properly, it’s an on-air disaster.

There are also shows that come off as completely self-absorbed. They sound as if all they do is talk about themselves. Sometimes they come off this way even when they’re not actually talking about themselves.

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In a focus group, a listener told me:

I don’t care that you stubbed your toe this morning. Just shut up about it. Don’t tell me a stupid story.

The difference between being self absorbed and relatable is whether the story passes the “Who cares test”? That’s one reason allowing too many open Breaks can be dangerous.

Listeners don’t care what personalities had for dinner, what you watched on television or what you plan to do this weekend.

But they do respond to compelling personal stories that relate to their personal experience.

Coaching Personal Stories

For programmers, guiding talent to tell stories the right way is a key in getting the best performance.

Here are four ways to coach personalities to tell personal stories without turning it into a self-indulgent love-fest.

Entry Point

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