Many of you are too young to remember the classic cartoon Underdog. Check it out sometime. Yeah, a little cheesy, but awesome. And some good lessons for radio performers.

Underdog was the scrappy hero, always fighting against odds to save the day. The superhero was a humble shoeshine boy. But once there was a call for help, Underdog emerged.

As a kid, I cheered for Underdog because he was an underdog. Audiences love being part of a movement, especially when there’s a relatable hero.

Audiences love the underdog going through a struggle. Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Rocky, Rudy, The Cubs. They cheer and care when you show your sincere vulnerabilities.

Manage it properly and a personality can aggregate the audience around a brand. This can become a powerful force. It’s one thing to become popular with listeners. It’s quite another to build a community of fans that proudly identify with the brand.

Branding Your Legion of Followers