There’s something special about great radio stations that are locked into their communities.  They produce great moments that can’t be plucked and placed in another city. Great personalities and programmers have a feel for their market that allows them to localize the station.

When you hear a legendary station, listeners from another place often just don’t “get” it, but the locals can feel it. There’s a vibe that reflects the audience in a way that’s hard to quantify. And when you hear it, it’s magic. Being uniquely local is one of the four IZES of personality radio. And every radio station can do a better job in this area. This is how to localize your radio station.

Of course, saying you’re local and actually being local are very different things. If you’re just making the local claim, you’re wasting your time. And even if you are extremely local, that alone doesn’t overcome as boring station.

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But when you hear a personality that is localized, it sounds easy. It’s natural. Almost effortless. But don’t be fooled. It’s the result of deep preparation. Some of it just takes time experiencing the local lifestyle, but you can speed up the process by following these steps to mastering localize.

Localize: Be Part of the City

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