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Listen up and down the radio dial. Most radio stations have nice-sounding voice talent that, when all is said and done, sounds pretty much the same. They have great voices, pronounce the words well and deliver the copy smoothly.

But there’s a lack of emotion and personality. And the lack of character isn’t their fault. Voice talent is as much a personality as your morning show, but without direction they can’t get into a character.

Voiceover talent has never been more important as a method of communicating personality  to a station’s brand. Yet many stations sound less personal than Alexa, Siri or Google Home.

By the way, those automated voices sound more and more “real” every day. Most of the time, they have at least as much personality as what’s on many stations.

In a world of more digital voices in cars, “on hold”, in answering services, electronic cashiers and even services that take the written word, how does your station’s personality branding stand out as more than just another automated-sounding voice?

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Not Voice Talent, Voice Actors

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